IBG is a trusted and EU-based company in Tallinn, Estonia. It conducts blockchain-related business under the supervision of the EU legal framework and holds a full range of financial and blockchain business licenses. Layout four business segments:crypto fund, labs, investment bank, eco-club, six business lines: transaction payment, fund investment, operation planning, technology development, resource aggregation, financial regulations. Provide end-to-end crypto asset issuance, investment, decision-making solutions and comprehensive blockchain underlying technical support.

Transaction & Payment

OTC Block Trades | Crypto Asset Lending

Overseas Payment | Commodity Trading

Foundation & Investments

Crypto Fast Fund | Mining Stability Fund

Operation & Planning

Brand positioning | financial reconstruction | Token issuance design

Community operation | Recruitment plan | Roadshow event planning

Growth Services | Secondary Market Management

Research & Development

Crtpto wallet | Exchange | HuiChain

Public blockchains | Code audit | DAPP

Resources & Aggregation

Media Release | Community Operations

Investment | Resource Matching

Channel introduction | Exchange listing

Licenses & Regulations

Financial License | Legal Policy Consulting | IEO / STO / ICO

Legal and Tax | Risk Aversion Strategies | VIEs


Stanty Tung

Founder of IBG and Taichu blockchain middleware, early participant of Bitcoin, core member of HUC, CEO of Weihu wisdom, senior researcher of Blockchain Research Institute of HUST and once served as technical leader of national project And information security architect of China Construction Bank Head Office.

Yanxin Zhao

Investment industry expert, founder of Yanxin Investment, private equity manager of Sunshine Securities, early value investor in cryptocurrency, architect and development director of 10 billion flow financial system, years of investment management experience in equity, securities private equity funds and family trust funds.

Zhang Feng

The founder of the Blockchain Service Alliance and a member of the Elastos Community Co-governance Steering Committee. He has experience in Internet finance, private equity funds, mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, and blockchain legal. Participated in the writing of "Technology Finance and Asset Securitization", "Legal Warfare Introduction".

Robin He

Founder of Bit University, former deputy general manager of Minsheng Medicine, general manager of Minsheng Media, CEO of Weihu Wisdom, strategic consultant for multiple institutions, and expert in strategy and market planning.

Hadi Lin

The chairman of Feibao Investment, the founder and CEO of FLYPRO, the top ten drone brands in the world, serves as a consultant for corporate brand strategy and blockchain investment. China's outstanding innovative entrepreneurs and new economic leaders in China.

Sun Hao

Expert in strategic investment and integration, leading global headline e-commerce cross-border platforms, mobile Internet, fintech including Uber (China), 10 billion consumer finance ABS cloud platform and other projects. Invest in incubation insurance technology, healthy blockchain platform.

Huang Jin

Worked at Microsoft Asian Engineering Academy, early founding member of Dolphin Browser, director of product engineering, founder of Wuhan Cat Friends Association (Hubei Internet Talent Reflow Community), founder of jade social e-commerce platform-Meiyu Xiuxiu, CoinBull Founder.

Yimeng Zhang

Well-known domestic planner, operation expert. He once served the Hong Kong Xinhengji International Group, and is currently the Dean of the International IP Business School, the CEO of Wenxin Qibang Enterprise Management Partnership Co., Ltd., and the Chief Operating CEO of the 100-year brand "Hualiang" New Industry Business Group.


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Hangzhou | Wuhan | Shenzhen | Zhengzhou