IBG is a trusted and EU-based company in Tallinn, Estonia. It conducts blockchain-related business under the supervision of the EU legal framework and holds a full range of financial and blockchain business licenses. Layout four business segments:crypto fund, labs, investment bank, eco-club, six business lines: transaction payment, fund investment, operation planning, technology development, resource aggregation, financial regulations. Provide end-to-end crypto asset issuance, investment, decision-making solutions and comprehensive blockchain underlying technical support.

Crypto Foundation | ICON FUND

ICONFUND is a cryptocurrency fund focusing on blockchain risk investment. The total size of the fund is more than 30 million U.S. dollars, and the investment scope spans 10 countries and 37 projects, covering basic public chains, artificial intelligence, entertainment ecology, data tools, and transactions. There are many fields such as the firm, crypto mining, etc., many of which have become industry unicorns. Projects that have been invested include Walton, Qtum, Nas, Ruff, Aion, Mytoken, Celsius, RightMesh, RenrenMine, Obrs, Coti, ShoCard, Gxc, etc.

Blockchain Lab | ICON LABS

The ICON LABS research team is composed of network security and information system experts from the CCB Headquarters,HUC,Bosera Asset Management and other institutions. Committed to the research of blockchain technology in the fields of consensus protocols, cryptography, privacy protection, trusted environment, cross-chain protocols, multi-chain technology, smart contracts, and the Internet of Things, and takes the application scenarios such as business and finance as breakthroughs, taking the lead Realize HuiChain, an autonomous industrial-level blockchain underlying system, and promote the blockchain technology to serve the social and economic progress and development.

Eco Club | ICON CLUB

ICON CLUB is based on the Group's own brand resources and ecological advantages, and organizes global partners and partners to engage in global city partner activities and create a professional offline blockchain industry communication and service platform. Blockchain industry global site resources, absorb high-quality teams for a full range of blockchain deep value-added services, integrate the site's local resources to form a closed loop of the industry chain, help partners grow, and help the blockchain industry's ecological and healthy development.

Crypto Bank | ICON STAR

ICON STAR provides end-to-end one-stop investment banking service support for blockchain start-ups, including legal compliance, positioning analysis, business restructuring, token issuance, economic restructuring, community marketing, media announcements, sophisticated operations, Market fundraising, valuation management, brand public relations, listing channels, security audits, road show planning, etc., and promote global expansion of the project's overseas market and international development through high-quality global resources. At the same time, link the experts in the field with KOL to promote the rapid and iterative evolution of the project with massive blockchain industry resources.


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